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justin hammer

I am a self-taught artist that found my unique form of expression unconventionally. During my senior year in high school, I took an art class and uncovered something within myself that I didn’t know existed. It opened my heart and soul and flipped the trajectory of my life. My meaning and purpose was discovered as I expressed myself onto the canvas. I no longer looked to the outside world for my identity. Instead, I go within to reflect who I am and then present it to the outside world. I uncovered my authentic self. I strive to inspire others to believe in themselves and become their own purest version.


When I paint, I am reflecting my current state of mind. My thoughts, feelings and emotions subconsciously transfer onto the canvas. Each work is a collection of the pieces of me in that moment in time. Some ideas come in an instant and I just let go. I call it my GODFLOW, a state of pure unencumbered expression. I am at peace.


My intention is to depict the human experience in an uplifting, relatable and visually pleasing manner. My works are statement pieces aimed to influence others to find their passions and to reach higher.


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