The Custom Art Process

Uniquely Your Own (Vision) - Pieces


These pieces are one of a kind commissioned works that are uniquely curated to your vision however you see it.


Before starting one of these pieces I prefer to have one or two meetings to discuss what your vision is. Regardless of how detailed your dream piece is, each idea helps channel my creativity on canvas. Often times this includes the use of words, symbols, stories, quotes, names, color schemes, etc.


These pieces can be made into unique family portraits, company mission statement pieces, a personal mission statement piece, a gift for a loved one, or any other idea’s that you may have. I am confident that I will be able to create stunning work that will fulfill your vision.


To learn more or set up an initial meeting please inquire!


*Justin loves co-creating artwork for clients who desire art to that is uniquely their own. Whether that be a piece to fits perfectly in your family’s living room or a piece that embodies your company’s mission statement for your offices board, Justin would love to sit down with your for a free consultation to make your vision a reality.


Commemorative. Abstract Family portraits. Portraits. Mirror works. Etc. If you have an idea, Justin would love to talk about it and also see how he can add his input and creative spin on your ideas. There are no limits.


Commissioned art can be done in a variety of sizes, from large to small canvases, jackets, shoes, designer purses, backpacks, etc. Again, if you have an idea, let's talk.